Meaning of Speed Data Transfer

When we talk about internet access with friends maybe? Certainly never asked how the speed of download / uploadnya? and when using speedtest we will soon know it for our internet speed down / up streamnya. But you know the meaning of the units of KB and Kb? Although writing the same only different large and small dihuruf but have different meanings, it is often used by operators in the promo them, so hati2 do not be fooled …. sampe Here’s the explanation:

Bit: 1 bit
Byte: 8 bits
Kilobit: 1000 bits
Kilobytes: 8000 bits
Megabit: 1000000 bits
Megabytes: bits 8000000
Gigabit: 1,000,000,000 bits
Gigabyte: 8,000,000,000 bits
And the general term used MLP sring who measure the speed of data transfer rate is as follows:
KB / s or KBps = Kilobytes / sec
Kb / s or Kbps = kilobits / sec
MB / s or MBps = Megabytes / sec
Mb / s or Mbps = megabits / sec

For example, suppose that we test the network speed and get results via SpeedTest: 100Kbits / s = 100.000/8.000 = 12.5KB / s
It means: dd is the downstream speed to 100Kb / s and data transfer rate from the host server?

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